A few things to note:

1.  I am a one man show at the moment and I'm still uploading my views on the issues.  Everything else is mostly done.

2. I am very straightforward and I don't sugarcoat anything.  My data is very raw, unedited, and I don't have anyone telling me what I should or should not say.  This is all me.  

3.  There is very sensitive material on this website.  Read with caution.

4.  I essentially work 5-10 jobs at a time if you include school and this campaign.  Please bear with me as I work around the clock.  I am trying to offload certain things so I can focus primarily on this campaign.  I am currently working an average of 85 hours PER WEEK.

5.  I have solid evidence to prove nearly every one of my claims on this website.  

6.  I don't have secrets.  Every secret I may have once had is officially public knowledge.  You will learn quickly that if I say something isn't true, it isn't.  I have confessed to some ugly things and there is nothing as bad as some of the things I am openly admitting on this website.  More is yet to come.


Joseph "Joey" Afzal

Nevada Democrat running for the United States House of Representatives - Congressional District 2

University of Nevada Reno Joseph Afzal

Paid for by Afzal for Nevada

Contact me: joey@joeyafzal.com
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