In the past, I have occasionally used cannabis recreationally and I fully support legalizing it on the federal level.  I don’t currently use it as it doesn’t mix well with my medications and I’m regularly drug tested in order to retain my healthcare.  The tribal health clinic is required to do random drug testing (federal funding) and cannabis is one of the substances they are required to check for.  If anything is found in my system, including cannabis, I lose my healthcare.  Because of all my disorders, losing my healthcare is not an option.

Personally, I believe that everyone over the age of 21 should have access to cannabis, regardless of their profession.  It is ridiculous that employers still drug test for this and insurance companies still refuse to support it.  It is really no different than having alcohol in your system.  We are all obligated to act responsibly and make responsible decisions.  When we mess up, we have to pay the consequences.  People should be able to do what they want on their off time and have access to the same freedoms as everyone else. 

Because I know many people who have become addicted and dependent on cannabis use, I think there needs to be resources for people who find themselves in a situation they can’t get out of.  Specifically for professions like police and military.  These professions likely need access to cannabis more than anyone else, but they are also likely to find themselves using it as a coping mechanism to deal with job stress.  It is easy to say that we shouldn’t give them access to it, but that really isn’t fair since their freedom is being taken by doing so.  Just like we don’t show up to work drunk, we also don’t show up to work high.  Education and resources are key.  It is each individual’s responsibility to use their freedom wisely or pay the price. 

Lastly, while many Nevadans support cannabis, elected Republicans do not.  On a recent vote, 97% of House Democrats SUPPORTED legalizing cannabis on the federal level.  97% of House Republicans voted AGAINST this bill.  This includes my opponent, Mark Amodei, who has voted against every issue involving cannabis.  This is one more freedom Republicans will take away if given the chance. 

All in all, I fully support legalizing cannabis on the federal level and every adult having access to it.