I attended several different schools in the Washoe County School System.  The switches often meant a change in foster homes.  I was a 2007 graduate from Damonte Ranch High School, attending the first four years the school was built.


The Washoe County schools I attended:


   Alice Smith Elementary 

          Morning “Developmentally Delayed” Kindergarten - Ms. C. Rhodes (Kicked out for bad behavior and not actually needing this kind of support)

·         Afternoon Kindergarten - Mrs. J. Chatel

·         1st Grade - Mrs. K. McCormick and Mrs. K. Bentley

·         2nd Grade - Ms. D. York and Mrs. P. Larson

·         3rd Grade - Mrs. K. Chapman - (I vanished in February 1998 due to a change in foster homes.  I didn't get to say goodbye to anyone)

   Elizabeth Lenz Elementary

·         3rd Grade - Mrs. C. Carter (Attended March to June of 1998 - Foster home relocated and in new zoning)


   Ted Hunsberger Elementary 

·         4th Grade - Mrs. A. Lichty

·         5th Grade - Mrs. J. Reilly (Left for 1 month in May 2000 due to hospitalization)

·         6th Grade - Mrs. M. Martinez

   Pine Middle School    

·         7th & 8th grade - (various teachers)

   Damonte Ranch High School 

·         9th and 10th grade (various teachers)

·         11th grade (attended first 2 months and then dropped out for a year to support myself)

·         11th and 12th grade (various teachers)  I went back and completed both 11th and 12th grade in 1 year.  I did this while working, living alone,

           and taking a full schedule of classes both at home and at school.  It was the most stressful and tiring year of my life.  It was also one of my

           biggest accomplishments that I am still proud of to this day.  Two full years in one year was A LOT of work.  The full story about this will be                 revealed later.   ​