"I am running to fight for the kids who get overlooked and don't have a voice in our society.  Whether that be foster children, mental health, sexual abuse, disability, immigration, LGBTQ, Education, and more. I never imagined I would open myself up to public humiliation, but if it prevents other children from going through similar situations, then it will all be worth it."

            ~Joey Afzal

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Candidate Highlights

* Reno Native
       (Born at Washoe Medical Center)
* Donner Party Descendant
       (4th great grandson of Franklin & Elizabeth Graves)
* Native American
       (Registered with the Round Valley Indian Tribe - Pomo Indian)
* South Asian
       (Grandfather was born in Afghanistan, raised in Pakistan)
* Caucasian
      (60% white - I don't look it, but it's true)
* 3 Immigrant Grandparents
       (Afghanistan, Portugal, French Canada)
       (Identify as gay)
* Former Foster Child (10 years)
       (Both Nevada State and Washoe County Systems)
* Mental Health Advocate
       (System experience since 5 years of age)
* Current Mental Health Diagnosis
       (ADHD, PTSD, OCD, Anxiety, Depression, & Adjustment Disorder)
* Childhood Sexual Abuse
       (More to come on this)
* Experienced Homelessness
       (Self raised since the age of 14 and many mental health struggles)
* Education
       (Both failed and succeeded in our state education system.  I know where to help.)
(Extensive experience and exposure to many types of disabilities since childhood.)
Lower Middle, Working, and Upper Middle Class Experience
(Raised by all middle classes and both borderline poor & elite)
Born to a single mother
(My father died when I was 3 months old)

Candidate Representing Northing Nevada
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