I was born in Reno and have lived all over the Reno-Sparks area.  I have lived in just about every part of town you can think of.   I am not one to sit still for long and I have the tendency to move around a lot.  Perhaps there is some mental reason for that, but I am content with my situation. Not many can say they have moved 39 times in 33 years.   37 of those locations were in Washoe County.  


I currently rent a place from a friend as it allows me month-to-month flexibility.  Even with her, I have lived in nearly all of her properties over the last year alone.   Because I do consulting, I have had to keep my living situation flexible since I can tend to travel a lot.   Sometimes I am gone for several weeks/months at a time and it is hard to do consulting like this when you're tied to a lease or home ownership.  I am in a position right now where if a job calls and needs me on site - I can be in place the following day.  I am paid good money to have such flexibility and I really don't mind it.  My life has always been this chaotic and it is just something I have grown accustomed to.  It doesn't bother me like it would most people.  

Full disclosure - I did live very briefly in both Sonoma and Humboldt counties in California.  I spent maybe a combined year and a half there total between the two.  Both were amazing experiences and I have no regrets about my time in either of those locations.  Things happen for a reason and I wouldn't be where I'm at today if I didn't venture out and try something new.  Both places changed my life in different ways and I couldn't be more grateful for both experiences.  Both had good and bad extremes about them, but I feel that there was a greater purpose for how I ended up in both locations.  I don't think I would be running for congress right now had I not had these experiences.  It is hard to explain, but it was something that clearly needed to happen in order to teach me many things and give me experiences that I truly needed.  

At the end of the day, Reno is home and will always be my home.  I have no intentions of moving unless something amazing happens or there is an opportunity I can't pass up.   It would have to be something quite amazing though for me to even consider it.    ​