Mental Health

I know the mental health system very well and it is one of the bigger reasons I’m running.  Much like the foster care system, this system is filled with dark money and innocent people who are used for profit.  I have seen more than I ever wanted to see, but perhaps there is a reason I had to see these things.

At the age of 5, I was admitted to West Hills Hospital for the first time.  People are often shocked when they hear that kids were admitted here, but they really were.   When I heard they shut down recently, all I could think was, “good riddance.”  The thing with West Hills is that the foster care system commonly used it as a jail for defiant children who misbehave.  I was sent there about 6 times throughout my youth.  One time they kept me there for an entire month.  

Throughout my life, I have had many mental health struggles.  I have even had a few suicide attempts.  I spent many years thinking I was at fault and severely depressed and that was why I did this.  I later learned that there was a bigger factor at play and there is a reason that I was driven to this point.  I realized in recent years that each time I was coming off of an SSRI, this would happen.  Much more to come on this. 

I have taken many medications over the years for mental health.  While I do support most medications and know they work, there is a specific group within a group of doctors who I absolutely do NOT support.  Especially when they have ANY ties at all to a mental health facility.  I know exactly where the corruption is and what is done to people.  The things you see and hear in movies are accurate to an extent.  I can tell producers do their research to keep these things appearing as real as possible.

As with everything else, I have very real documentation revealing exactly what both the foster care and mental healthcare system do to innocent children.  I also have stories that go along with it.  Stay tuned.