The Mission

Being realistic, Nevada’s 2nd congressional district is going to be an uphill battle for any Democrat to win.  Especially when it also comes down to defeating a 12-year incumbent in a heavy Republican district.  Anything is possible though and I am willing to accept the challenge.  I have faced many challenges in my life, and this won’t be any different.  It is also important for my constituents to realize that my opponent has been in office for 12 years.  He is out of touch with the needs of many Nevadans. If you think about it, everything changes each decade - hair, music, clothes, movies, toys, technology, the modern workplace, etc.  How will any individual in congress make a difference after 10 years?  We have all seen how useless many long-term elected officials are.  It’s time for change.

I am not your typical candidate and my views are very different than what many may expect.  My upbringing was more unique in comparison to most and I tend to see the world around me in a different light.  I have no idea if my views will be accepted or how well received they will be.  Most people don’t like change, but what we are doing currently clearly isn’t working.  It is time for new ideas and a change in strategy.  People may or may not like my views, which is fine, but my main purpose of running for this seat isn’t entirely about my views and how I think they should be handled.  It’s more about spreading awareness regarding important issues impacting children that get overlooked.  It is also about providing exposure into issues many children face that never get addressed.    

Children are clearly a major focus of my campaign.  There are so many children who are impacted by issues in their childhood, and it can be further exacerbated into adulthood.  They don’t have a voice to make any changes because they are viewed as, “just kids.”  It is also likely that they don’t know what’s wrong with them or how to express themselves.  They are forced to “go with the flow.”  In my case, I was silenced, and certain people weren’t prepared for me to ever do something big enough to get attention.  How is a former “ward of the state” ever going to be smart enough to expose their hidden corruption?  How is a former child psychiatric hospital patient ever going to be taken seriously?  I have spent many years caring what people think and keeping many parts of my life a deep secret.  As I watch further corruption continue to play out across the country, I feel that I have an ability that many others don’t.  I am reluctantly willing to put my entire life on public display.  Exposing many childhood experiences that happened to me and things that I am almost certain are still happening across the country.  I never in a million years thought I would tell the world some of the deepest, most personal, and dark details of my life, but if I don’t do it, who will?  I can sit by and watch it continue for others the rest of my life, or I can act and try to prevent other children from facing the same battles. 

The main goal is to, at a minimum, spread awareness and share my views.   My hope is that I will be elected so I can fight for children and work to create laws protecting them.  The top 3 most important issues to me are abortion, mental healthcare, and foster care.  I feel there are still a lot of coverups and corruption within both the foster care and mental healthcare systems.  As people are pushing to end abortion rights, I want them to see what can happen to the babies who get “saved.”   Personally, I would have much rather been aborted than to have experienced the 10 years I spent in the foster care system and the toll it has had on my mental health.  I also want people to have a real understanding of the impacts of pushing people into our current mental healthcare system and what it can mean for children and the future of our society.  While these 3 issues appear different, they also work together.  This is one of the examples where many may not see it, but I do.  I’ve lived and experienced it.  I am a pro-choice advocate for many reasons and I feel this right needs to be protected at all costs. 

Other important issues many children face today are educational, learning disabilities, LGBTQ, and immigration.  Again, aside from immigration, I have faced struggles in each of these areas.  As far as immigration goes, there are children who are crossing the border and being placed in situations that can only be like mine.  How many of these kids are now traumatized and have PTSD?  What kind of impact do you think they will have on our society in the future?  If you think things are bad now, the way these kids are treated will only exacerbate things that can have a dangerous impact for everyone in the future.  The foster care system and the mental health system are not safe when it comes to caring for these children.  We need to call these issues out and address them before they get worse. 

As far as LGBTQ, I struggled with my sexuality growing up and I kept it a secret well into my adulthood.  People could have figured it out if they wanted to, but I really only wanted to blend in and not make a big deal out of it.  With all the other issues I was faced with, how could I add this into the mix?  I have slowly come out in recent years, but I don’t make a big deal out of it.  For many years I played the “straight” card and I have always known that I was at least bisexual.  In more recent years I have decided to stick to being gay.  For me, women are tougher to get along with and men are overall easier in general.  Our society is definitely far more accepting of the LGBTQ community than it ever has been and I think the more exposure kids have to this being “okay,” the more likely they will come out on their own.  I think the bigger problems lie within parts of the community itself, but we will get into that later.  

In education, I had very good experiences and I also had very bad experiences within the Washoe County School District.  If I had to categorize myself, I would say I was “above average” overall, but I still failed in many areas.  Most of my failures were due to personal external issues and struggles with retaining information I read.  Due to my strong memory and direct knowledge of where I struggled, I feel confident that I can help get our education system in a much stronger position than it currently is.  We can do so much better and I don’t think it would require as much effort as people think.  It will take people who are willing to change as again, what we are doing currently clearly isn’t working.  

Sex crimes against children is another major issue I want to focus on.  I don’t want to share my ideas at this point because I can only assume that the government has already taken steps to fix this problem and I don’t want to mess up whatever they already have in place.  I look at my experience and I respect that many kids have far worse experiences.  This is still very difficult for me to talk about as I have never discussed it with anyone, other than a moment that is documented, and I have no recollection of it whatsoever.  This is something that no child should ever have to experience or be exposed to, regardless of the severity of their experience compared to others.  We need to focus on this issue and not get distracted by other things.  There are kids out there suffering and they need us to act NOW.  Not when it’s convenient. 

We are currently using mental health as an "out" for just about everything.  In reality, it is quite dangerous to be doing that as there are a lot of “pill pushers” out there.  If these pills are taken, then they may work at first, but we must prepare for what happens when these kids and adults come off their medications - this is where the real dangers happen.  We are blaming mental health for school shootings, but what happens when a child gets put on medication and the parent forgets to pick it up and the child goes off of them for a week or 2?  If these parents are irresponsible enough to inadequately monitor their child's medication, do you think they also won't leave a gun laying around, or vice versa?   What about all the police and military that are now having mental health services pushed on them?  What happens when pills get pushed on them and they run out of their medication?  Many may remember to get it filled regularly, but what about the ignorant ones who think they are fine without it and then don’t bother picking it up?  There are a lot of dangers that people aren’t aware of or thinking about when they start using “mental health” as an excuse for everything.  There are many things about medications that aren’t talked about and are hidden from consumers. 

In a perfect world, I would spend 2 years in congress, complete my mission, and be done.  Unfortunately, freshmen rarely, if ever, get anything passed in their first terms.  I am prepared to spend up to 10 years in congress, if elected.  After 10 years, I’m done, and I refuse to be one of those “useless” career politicians.  If I can’t get done with what I intended to accomplish, then clearly people didn’t agree with me, or I didn’t try hard enough.  In either of those cases, there is really no reason for me to continue further.  10 years is a long time and there is really no excuse to not accomplish your goals in a decade.  If your issue is important, there are alternatives for accomplishing it.  Staying in congress isn’t working and you need to change your strategy at that point.

While I hope that many may resonate with the primary goals of my campaign, I also respect that many may not.  My hope is that people come to the realization that these are real issues impacting children across the country.  I do know that many of these issues continue to impact children and even if I’m not elected, I will find alternative avenues to ensure these issues get the attention they deserve.