Term Limits


I support term limits. 

I have worked for enough large companies to know that there comes a point when change in direction is needed.  I don't want to offend anyone as I do find it valuable to have long term employees, however, what I have seen is that the longer someone is at a company holding the same position, the less likely a company is to get new ideas or fresh perspectives for growth.  I have worked with many amazing people who have done great work in their long term roles.  I have also worked at companies where their entire leadership team has been there forever and they can't handle incoming growth.  Why?  They haven't seen how other companies in similar industries have done it.  They haven't had to hire any new leadership who have that external experience.  They have only seen how things have been done at their company and have worked with the same people for the last 25 years.  There could be an entirely different and more efficient way of doing things and this is why you need fresh perspectives every so often.  

I think it is ridiculous that so many people have been in congress for so long.  The MAX anyone should be in any office is 10 years.  Think about it – everything changes every 10 years.  Hair, music, movies, technology, clothing, etc.  Anyone who is in office right now that has been there more than 10 years is useless.  They haven’t seen the modern workplace in over a decade.  They haven’t lived like a middle class citizen in over a decade.  They are out of touch with the needs of the people in the current climate.  You need to turn over people so that you can get fresh ideas, new experiences and new perspectives.  Just like the modern corporate structure, when someone hasn’t seen how another company does things in over a decade, they likely run the same outdated processes when there are likely better ways to do it.  Without change and fresh ideas, nothing is ever going to meet the needs of the American people.  They will continue to fight with each other because their congress doesn't understand them.  


Anyone running for office should have a mission for why they are running.  They shouldn’t just be present to vote.  They should be fighting for things that they know they can make a difference with.  If you can’t complete your mission in 10 years, then it’s time to move on or convince someone else to do it.  You had 10 years...time to move on and try something new.  Governor?  President?  Mayor?  


This is how I think the term limits should work:


  • President – This should stay as is.  A maximum of two 4-year terms.

  • Senate – This should be reduced to two 5-year terms. 

  • House – This should be five 2-year terms. 

  • Supreme Court – This is a different beast.  I really don't think it is right that the Supreme Court leans either direction.  I think there should be an even split of Justices chosen by the most recent liberal or conservative president.  I think the 9th justice should be chosen by the people and serve at least a 10 year term.  The court should be balanced and should NEVER lean either way.  There should be nothing partisan about the Supreme Court and we have all noticed that it has become VERY partisan.   I do think many of the justices have acted fairly on certain issues, but they have made it too clear that the court is very partisan.  Especially one justice in particular.   This needs to be changed.  Judges run in local elections all the time.  It wouldn't be too hard to find a way to give someone a chance who wants to be able to serve on the highest court.  As far as term limits go, I have mixed feelings about it.    


Anyone who has served over 10 years is essentially sitting on taxpayer welfare.  If term limits ever get passed, they should take effect immediately at the end of their current term.  Since people voted for them to serve their current term, they should at least get to do that.  After that term ends and they've reached their limit, they should leave.  Perhaps that doesn’t need to be forever, but they need to at least take a break and see what is going on in the real world by taking a term off. 


Nobody should be aspiring to sit in US congress forever.  They should be seeking other places they can make a difference.  Governor, president, charity, school board, house/senate leadership, etc.  Do something else other than sitting there doing nothing and sponging off of the taxpayers.  I hate being so straightforward because there are some great politicians who have served long terms.  Feelings aside, we need fresh ideas and perspectives.  Otherwise we are going to stay in the rut we are in and continue fighting each other.   


The only exception I think should be made to this rule is if someone gets selected into leadership.  When you have a strong leader that people are happy with, there shouldn’t be a limit on this.  I think the leadership role should remain as-is with perhaps an additional 10 year term for a maximum of 20 years, if any term should apply at all.  A good leader is hard to come by and should be taken into consideration if their caucus is happy with their leadership. 

While this is just my unsolicited opinion, this is where my thoughts are if the subject comes up.