The Issues


I see the world differently in comparison to most people.  For that reason, my thoughts on the issues are a bit different.  For the most part, I will support anything the democrat party supports that doesn’t cost taxpayers money or take away our freedom.  If we can have something that doesn’t cost us, I will support it.  If it’s something I don’t want or don’t believe in – great – I will support it, but I won’t take advantage of that freedom.  It’s good to know that it’s there if I want it.  As for anything that costs us money - there needs to be a benefit to taxpayers, pay for itself, or be well supported and justified.   For instance, I would have supported the bills two democrat senators blocked.  There was no reason to vote against these bills.  As for the filibuster, I do support abolishing it.  We all know that if Republicans were in the same position, they wouldn’t have had any problem doing away with it.  We watched them go against doing the respectable thing the entire time they held the majority.  There is no excuse to act the way the 2 senators did and it is clear they both have an agenda of their own.  

My views aren’t likely to be supported by anyone who is far left or far right on the spectrum and I am okay with that.   I do think that anyone in the middle or who leans either direction may like my ideas.   Only time will tell.

Please click on each tab to the left to see my thoughts on each issue and how I would support them.