Why Democrat?

I guess the short answer to this is that elected Republicans don’t support anything aside from gun ownership, but nobody is taking anyones guns.  On the other side, democrats support all the issues and are the ones who are fighting for our freedom while Republicans strive to block everything.  I am too open minded to support the Republican party and I am too close to many of the issues.  The only part of the Democratic agenda I don’t support is the unnecessary spending.  At the end of the day, you either SUPPORT all the issues or you’re AGAINST all the issues.  I support them all. 

Why does Northern Nevada need a Democrat?

Nevada is a liberal playground.  When you look at our great state, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Democrats hold a strong majority in every office.  It should be more surprising that we are still considered a battleground state.  Nevada has legal prostitution, an economy built on gambling and alcohol, fully legal cannabis, gay marriage is recognized in our constitution, and abortion has statutory protection.  There is really nothing conservative about Nevada and in my opinion, we should be the bluest state in the union.  Furthermore, when you look at other issues like climate, this is something Nevadans should be taking seriously.  We live in the desert, and all around us we can see the impacts climate is already having on our great state.   Some things to think about:

  • Lakes are drying up.  How long before this is noticeable in Tahoe?

  • The Truckee River keeps getting lower, how soon before we can’t float it any longer?

  • The ski resorts are opening later and closing earlier each year.  How long before their snow machines can’t keep up or the cost to ski is too exorbitant?

  • How soon before the brush near your home catches fire and you lose everything?

Anyone who grew up in Northern Nevada should have noticed by now that our winters have been much warmer than they have ever been.  I remember having to wear a warm coat all winter long and now I feel like I can get by most days in a T-shirt.   I also remember the snow sticking around for several days and even weeks at a time - now it seems to disappear by the next day.  For many, this warmer weather may be nice, but what happens when we move past the point of no return?  Will we be able to have lawns and trees near our homes?  If we are going to act, we need to act now.  Sure, we may get a Republican in our state on board, but it’s the ones in congress who need to be convinced.  Many politicians don’t live in the desert and don’t see what we are witnessing firsthand.  We need to start taking this seriously or consider repercussions if we don’t.  Northern Nevadans need to elect a Democrat.

 Another thing I remember is how unhappy many Nevadans were prior to us becoming a blue state.  I remember in high school, many kids were eager to leave and didn’t want to come back.  While there were many who didn’t leave, there were also several who did and came back.  There were even slogans like: “Reno, so close to hell you can see sparks.”  Then there was a meme, “Simba, everything the light touches is Nevada.”  Then Simba says: “But what’s that dark shadowy place?”  Mufasa says: “That is Reno.  You must never go there, Simba!”  I had seen a few others, but I don’t see or hear these things anymore.  People seem generally happier since we have grown and become a bluer state.  The main complaint is the rising costs and the “Californian’s” moving here.  While many may argue that we are turning into California, I’m not sure many of us would want to live in a red state.   Do you feel like you would be happier in states like North Dakota, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Indiana?  Or do you think it is better classified next to places people want to visit like Hawaii, Oregon, California, Washington, and New York?  Some may argue that Texas is red, but anyone paying attention knows that Texas is on the cusp of turning blue as well.  Have you noticed how Texas is all over the news lately?  Politicians are freaking out because they know that if Republicans lose Texas, it’s all over for their party.  To put it in further perspective, Trump won Texas in 2016 by 10%.  In 2020 he only won it by 5%.  Texas has a lot of Democratic values, and it is only a matter of time before they turn blue.  If you’re still not convinced, you may want to find a way to embrace more liberal values because it is only a matter of time before you may be forced to.  It isn’t something many want to hear, but you can prepare to face the reality now, or in the future.  Tourist states and big cities are almost always going to lean Democrat whether you like it or not.  Sometimes we must teach ourselves to prepare and embrace the reality if we have limited ability to change the outcome we don’t want.

I am a Democrat because elected Republicans will never support these issues.

How I became a Democrat

This is an interesting story.  Like most Democrats that I know, I formerly considered myself a Republican.  I have four families that I am somehow connected to – my birth mother’s, my birth father’s, my second foster family and my third foster family.  I would say well over 90% of them identify as Republican, and still do to this day.  I graduated from high school in 2007 and was never really interested in politics.  My experience was knowing that everyone surrounding me was Republican, so I must be a Republican.  I was very against Obama’s presidency in 2008 and didn’t pay much attention other than to go along with what my friends and family were doing.   I avoided it all for the most part, but still had to listen to all the negativities.  I held strong that I “wasn’t a fan” of Obama until 2012. 

With all eyes on politics in 2012, I decided to pay closer attention to what was going on with this presidency.  I watched the debates, did some homework, and had taken a slight interest.  One thing that I took note of was that I did NOT like Mitt Romney.  While he seemed not as bad throughout the Trump presidency, he sounded like the biggest idiot during the debates.  I watched and watched, but nothing good ever seemed to come from him.  At that point, I voted for Obama and switched to independent.  I kept quiet about my switch since I didn’t want to feel like I was betraying my family.  In the end, I was actually very happy with Obama.  After all, we watched Bush tank the economy and then watched it come back stronger than ever after 8 years of Obama.  Trump kept it strong, but then tanked his own economy.  Now we are in a very similar slump as we were in 2008.  Some may refuse to see it, but look around…  We have had 2 Republicans tank their own economy.  The facts are right there in front of us and ignorance isn’t going to get us anywhere.  There is good reason Republicans have only won the popular vote ONCE in 33 years.  The only thing saving them is the electoral college and even that's hanging by a thread. 

In 2016, many of us faced a nightmare.  We had to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  How did we narrow it down to these two?  I remember getting the notices at the beginning of the cycle, and I had no clue who I would pick.  I didn’t know that I would even be able to pick in the end as they were both terrible!  This time around, I continued to pay much more attention to try and narrow down the lesser of two evils.  In the end, I really liked Hillary, despite that I still found many flaws with her.  I came to the realization that we really need a female president.  Women are the ones with the “mom” brain and can do many things at one time.  I feel like a female president will get things done.  At the time, Trump clearly was not a good fit for the presidency, and I did not support any of his racist or sexist rhetoric.   His policies were not anything I could ever get behind and he was clearly not very intelligent.  I started to see what the true Republican party was like, and I decided to go with Hillary.  At this point, I knew I could never consider myself a Republican and switched my party affiliation to Democrat.   A leader should be someone with decency, compassion, respect, intelligence, and kindness.  None of these things described Trump or the direction of the Republican party.  I am now a proud Democrat and I don’t see myself switching back anytime soon. 


I think it’s important to acknowledge that many of the Nevada Republicans I know support most of the issues.  From what I have noticed, a lot of them were raised Republican and voting any other way would be like defying your own family.  It is also like taking everything you have ever believed in and abandoning it.  It is not easy to do as I have been there, and it took a while to get comfortable with this decision in both politics and religion.  I imagine making the switch was slightly easier for me as I am not close with my family and I have the ability to do whatever I want without worrying about others feelings.  It also can make things more challenging if you don’t have political alignment within your inner circle.  For many of my Republican friends and family, I can respect their stance.  What I will never tolerate is hate or racism in any way, shape, or form.  Since so many have turned into monsters that I don’t even recognize anymore, I dropped many of them.    What many don’t realize, is that their hate was unintentionally directed at me, however, I am sure that I would have been an “exception.”  Again, I don’t put up with any of it.  It’s all or nothing. 


Somehow, freedom appears to mean different things to different people.  For me, Democrats support everything that truly allows you freedom.  Republicans use the government to block us from our freedoms.  In part, it seems like that is their way of being able to “control” us.  When I watch how our elected officials vote, it is very clear that Democrats are doing everything they can to protect our freedom.  We wouldn’t have LGBTQ rights, abortion rights, voting rights, better healthcare, cannabis, stimulus, etc. without Democrats.  A big majority of elected Republicans have shown they are against all these things, and we would not have them if it weren’t for Democrats.  If you watch how everyone votes, you will see what side truly has your best interests.  Despite selling themselves as such, Republicans are NOT the party of freedom. 

I am a Democrat because I support true freedom.

Control and Fear

Perspectives are apparently different on this subject, but I am going to say exactly what I think.  The Republican party has convinced their supporters that Democrats are being controlled by wearing masks and getting a vaccine.  In reality, it is the other way around.  Republicans are being controlled to believe that wearing a simple mask or getting a vaccine is Democrats way of controlling them.  Fortunately, Democrats know this is a common-sense practice and are perfectly content with their decision to follow expert advice.  What better way to control people though than to convince them they aren’t being controlled and it is really the opposing party being controlled?  It is the perfect example of a cult.  Do you see Democrats complaining about being controlled?  No, it’s all Republicans because they have to wear a simple mask.  The same thing goes for fear.  They have made their supporters think that Democrats are fearing a virus and are “living in fear.”  Again, in reality, a normal person will do anything they have to in order to avoid ANY virus - no matter how minor it may be.  That is not living in fear – that is common-sense.  Fear is thinking all Democrats, scientists, politicians, journalists, teachers, and healthcare workers are out to get you.  Fear is being afraid of wearing a mask or getting a vaccine.  The Republican party has their supporters convinced that they are the ones who are free and not fearing anything, when in all actuality, they are in fact the ones “living in fear.” 


I don’t like cults or being controlled, and for these reasons, I am a Democrat. 

Far Right and Far Left

I don’t like either of these as neither side appears to be grounded in reality.  They support anything and everything they hear and I see this on both sides.  For example, we watched how obsessive Trump supporters became over Trump.  I saw the same exact thing starting to happen with Bernie and Yang supporters.  While I did like both of them, it is worrisome that it would be like another Trump presidency and it is dangerous to our democracy.  With Biden, most people weren’t crazy about him, but he was the lesser of two evils.  I look at things like the withdrawal from Afghanistan, where many Democrats stood against his actions, but you can see the obsessive ones supporting his every move.  Had this been Bernie’s actions, my money says that he would have had a lot more support from his party.  THIS is a perfect example of why I prefer the “boring” candidates.  When a candidate is too shiny, people become zombies.  Perhaps this is what was meant by the “zombie apocalypse?”  Did we just live through it?

With that said, I will support nearly everything on the Democratic agenda.  I am a little more fiscally conservative, however, if it pays for itself, I will support it.  If it is sensible, I will support it.  If I plea my case as to why I'm against something and a super majority doesn't agree with me, then I will support it IF my vote is needed to pass it.   


The 2 Senators - this is a complete abuse of power and there is nothing behind this nonsense but corruption.  I would have supported almost every single issue they have been against, WITHOUT negotiations.  There is no reason not to pass any of the bills they held up.  As for the filibuster, I would have supported abolishing it.  While I understand their stance on keeping it, it isn't being used in a way that it was intended to.  We all know that Republicans would abolish it in a similar situation.  We watched them constantly bend the rules throughout the Trump presidency.  That is how we ended up with Amy Coney Barrett.  Fortunately, these are senate issues and I'm not running for senate.  Due to my stance on certain issues though, I felt it necessary to express how I would have supported these issues if I were in their seat.